Framed Kuna Mola Cloth - applique'd cotton in bright colors with snakes, wings and bright lines of rainbow color

TX263 - Framed Kuna Mola Cloth - 1'3 x 1'5

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Vintage Mola cloth handmade by the Kuna (Guna) people of Panama.

Mola is a reverse applique technique, similar to the technique used in quilting but using multiple layers of different-colored cloth that are first sewn together before a design is creating by cutting away different layers. This mola features vibrant yet faded tones of purple, green, red, orange, yellow and blue. A central cross features interlocking snakes climbing a pole. The left base features a two headed snake and the left base a snake in pinwheel form. Vertical lines in different colors add interest and excitement to the piece. It has been framed in an aluminum frame some years ago. 

The fabric is in excellent condition whereas the frame has some dents and scractches as pictured.


Size: 1'3" x 1'5" [38cm x 44cm]

Age: Vintage

Country of Origin: Panama

Type of Textile: Kuna Mola Appliqué 

Material: Cotton

Condition: Very Good




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