Mid Century Romanian Kilim overdyed with a cerulean blue

Vintage Romanian Overdye Kilim - 8' x 10'3

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This overdyed rug was handwoven in Romania during the late 20th century.

This monochromatic overdyed rug features a bright blue field. Remnants of the original design of floral bouquets are still visible through the deep dye. 

In good condition, with signs of wear to the foundation accentuated by the overdye. Sturdy and structurally sound. In some areas the dye is darker than others. Pile is low, with a dense handle. 


Size: 8' x 10'3" [2.4m x 3.1m]

Age: Vintage

Country of Origin: Romania

Type of Rug: Overdyed Kilim

Material: Wool with cotton foundation

Pile Height: Flatweave

Condition: Good; visible wear & discoloration


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