Lori rug handwoven in Southern Iran during the early 20th century. Deep blue field with a beautiful brash. Latticed panels with cypress trees make up the central design.

Antique Lori Rug - 4'8 x 6'11

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This stunning Lori rug was handwoven in Southern Iran during the early 20th century.

It features a deep blue field, with a beautiful abrash. Latticed panels with cypress trees make up the central design. The inner border is triangular and jagged, making the viewer feel like they are glimpsing through a window into a garden. The outer border is has a traditional geometric pattern of serrated leaves and tulips on an ivory ground. 

This rug has lustrous wool pile and the handle is sturdy. In perfect condition, with no signs of wear.


Size: 4'8" x 6'11"

Age: Q1 20th Century (1900-1925)

Country of Origin: South Iran

Type of Rug: Lori

Material: Wool Pile on Wool Foundation

Pile Height: High

Condition: Excellent




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