Senneh rug from NW Iran  with inky blue field and herati pattern design. color palette is composed of deep reds and blues, contrasting with ivories and creams. In very good condition.

Antique NW Iran Senneh Rug - 4' x 5'5

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Senneh rug handwoven in NW Iran during the second quarter of the 20th century. 

This elegant rug features a deep inky blue field with a central medallion. Framing it is an ivory band filled with a twist on the classic Herati pattern, which is continued in the inky blue cornices. The minor border is composed of a simple small-scale diamond pattern, while the main border contains two patterns: the top and bottom has a diamond pattern, while the left and right sides have an a pattern of alternating palmettes. It's unusual to find a border like this in these types of rugs.

The color palette is composed of deep blues and reds, contrasted by ivories, light blues, and pinks.

In very good condition, signs of wear consistent with age. There are some areas in the blue field where the cotton warp has come through, which is a common occurrence with cotton warp rugs, termed sarnak. The foundation is still intact and the issue is mostly cosmetic. Low pile, with a light but sturdy handle.


Size: 4' x 5'5" - 122cm x 165cm

Age: 1925-1950

Country of Origin: NW Iran

Type of Rug: Senneh

Material: Wool on cotton foundation

Pile Height: Low

Condition: Excellent




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