This Contemporary N Persian Kilim  features a

Contemporary North Persian Kilim - 3’6 x 5’

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This kilim was handwoven in Northern Iran in the 21st century.

It features a "central" stepped polygon with polychrome spade-like shapes on red ground. The polygon is flanked by blocks of color on top and bottom with more spade shapes in addition to some bird figures. The bottom row is broken up by what is likely the Mashiri company logo. It is framed by a block of solid red which sawtooths on both sides but not the top and bottom.

This kilim comes from a batch of hearty kilims that were likely intended as samples for larger-scale production. Many of the rugs contain writing in Farsi that refers to pattern numbers and the words "Gilim" (Kilim) or "Farsh" (Carpet) and then "Mashiri" which is likely the producer. This particular kilim has "3737  Gilim Abrat" & "B N" written in Farsi. 

In excellent condition, with limited signs of wear. Ideal for areas with heavy foot traffic, and very hard-wearing for a flatweave. 


Size: 3’6" x 5’ [107cm x 152cm]

Age: Contemporary

Country of Origin: N Iran

Type of Rug: Kilim

Material: Wool

Pile Height: Low 

Condition: Excellent




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