qashqa'i rug from sw iran woven during 1925-1950. medallion design on inidigo blue field filled with shapes and symbols. Color palette is composed of blues, reds, yellows, browns, whites. in excellent condition, no signs of wear.

Mint Condition Lori Rug - 5'2 x 8'7

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Lori rug handwoven in SW Iran during the second quarter of the 20th century. 

This stunning rug features a vertical medallion design on a deep indigo blue field. The field is filled with smaller medallions and all sort of geometric shapes and symbols, in shades of red, yellow, ivory, and brown. The borders are a combination of floral and geometric motifs, woven in the same riotous palette of bright reds, yellows, and ivories, and browns, along with the ever present and magical indigo blue.

A real gem of a rug, that rewards the eye with each look. 

In excellent condition, with no signs of wear. Pile is thick and shiny, with a heavy handle.


Size: 5'2" x 8'7" - 157cm x 262cm

Age: 1925-1950

Country of Origin: SW Iran

Type of Rug: Lori

Material: 100% Wool

Pile Height: Medium

Condition: Excellent




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