Kowli rag kilim handwoven during 21st century in Northwest Iran. Four large diamonds striped in a multitude of bright vibrating colors.

Contemporary Persian Kilim - 4'4 x 8'3

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This Kowli rag kilim was handwoven during the 21st century in Northwest Iran.

Features four large diamonds that spread over the entire piece, striped in a multitude of bright vibrating cool. This is an extremely fun and cheerful piece that would give light to any space.

In perfect condition. Flatwoven, with a very sturdy handle.


Size: 4'4" x 8'3"

Age: Vintage

Country of Origin: NW Iran

Type of Rug: Kilim

Material: Recycled materials on cotton foundation 

Pile Height: Flatwoven

Condition: Excellent




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