Late 19th century Doroksh E Persian rug with complex curvilinear floral motif on a scalloped medallion design. Signed by weaver. In very good condition

Late 19th Century Doroksh Rug - 8'9 x 11'6

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Doroksh rug from Eastern Iran, handwoven during the last quarter of the 19th century.

This ornate rug features a central medallion with scalloped cornices and a curvilinear floral design. The borders are both composed of floral meanders. Of special note is the complexity and richness of the main border's floral meander. It also includes a central cartouche at the bottom with the weaver's signature. The color palette is features shades of maroon, soft camel, and indigo blue.

In very good condition for its considerable age. Some worn pile on the bottom left and throughout, foundation still intact. Low pile, with a sturdy handle.


Size: 8'9" x 11'6"

Age: 1875-1899

Country of Origin: E Iran

Type of Rug: Doroksh

Material: Wool pile on cotton foundation

Pile Height: Low

Condition: Very Good




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