Melissa Joseph

Melissa Joseph "Dad Looking Ahead"

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"Dad Looking Ahead", 2020

Hand needle felted portrait using wool on top of Sari silk. 

The imagery was sourced from a photograph in Melissa's archive. The foreground portrays a profile view of her father in an orange shirt and white belt. The background depicts various palm trees that seem to melt into the translucent lavender silk. Varying shades of brown, forest greens, orange, white and blue are found atop a gorgeous lavender ground. 

Please note: The last photo displays a mock up of the work framed. The work can be utilized both framed and non-framed. Please allow up to 8 weeks lead time due to Covid-19 to receive the framed piece. If purchasing with no frame, there is no additional lead time and we will ship that week. 


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Artist: Melissa Joseph 

Size: 10" x 13"

Age: Contemporary, 2020

Country of Origin: Brooklyn, New York

Medium: Needle Felting 

Material: Wool on Sari Silk 

Condition: Excellent