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This month's pick is a Silk Qum that depicts the interior of Vank Cathedral in Isfahan, Iran. It is rendered with realistic dimensionality and stunning detail down to the stained glass windows, woven rugs and paintings that adorn the space.

Join us Saturday, October 21st at Heirloom

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"An exceptional and refreshing experience in this day when most trades people are more interested in the bottom line than in service."

– Edith K, SQUARE

"Arguably the best source for vintage rugs in Brooklyn."

– Domino Magazine

"MASTERS! amazing...I am seriously grateful these guys exist!"

– Jennifer M, GOOGLE

"Best Rug Cleaner"

– New York Magazine

"Absolutely phenomenal and patient! "

– Tamir S, YELP

"Thanks for the great neighborhood experience."

– Rawia A, SQUARE

For the real deal go to Heirloom in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

– Vogue