Classical prayer rug format hybridized with other Caucasian elements and weaving style.

Armenian Prayer Rug - 3' x 5'1

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This Kazak rug was handwoven in the southern Caucasus during the late 19th Century.

It features a mix of the classical prayer rug format hybridized with other South Caucasian elements and weaving styles. Some of these rugs have been referred to as "Armenian Prayer Rugs" due to the likely background of the weavers as well as what may be the incorporation of Christian elements. This example has a mihrab flanked by two hands on a rare canary yellow ground. Cruciforms have been added into the central niche and what may be stigmata into the hands. The central medallion contains an abstracted evil eye. Framed by an outer border of polychrome diamonds and an inner border that shifts from a simple diamond lattice along the sides to larger scale latch hooked forms on the top and bottom. Unrestrained drawing with a soft and desirable palette adds further appeal to this rare and distinctive rug.

In very good condition, all four sides have been reinforced for longevity. The pile is low, with a soft handle.

Size: 3' x 5'1" [.91 x 1.54m]

Age: Late 19th Century

Country of Origin: South Caucasus

Type of Rug: Prayer

Material: Wool

Pile Height: Low

Condition: Very Good. Edges have been reinforced




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