Andrew Boos

Andrew Boos "Orange, Grey and Blue Rug" - 4'10 x 8'4

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Handmade wool flatwoven rug with orange, grays, and blue on a white ground.

Andrew takes inspiration from brutalism, Scandinavian minimalism, and Mexican traditions and sees his rugs utilized as a dynamic architectural element. This particular piece features various triangles, squares, curved shapes, lines, and swirls that come together in a composition reminiscent of the sun setting over a mountain. The addition of swirls to the open space is an innovation uncharacteristic of Andrew's previous work and adds another layer of movement to the composition. The vibrant orange tone was achieved by dyeing the wool with cochineal an insect-derived pigment used in the Americas for over 2,000 years while the blue is from indigo and the grays are achieved through iron and tara. Handmade and naturally dyed in 2021 in Brooklyn, NY. 


Artist: Andrew Boos

Size: 4'10" x 8'4" 

Age: Contemporary, 2021

Country of Origin: Brooklyn, New York

Type of Rug: Kilim

Material: Naturally Dyed Wool on a Cotton Foundation

Pile Height: Flatwoven

Condition: Excellent


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