Armenian Needlelace Workshop w/ Emma Welty (10/21 @5pm)

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The Armenian needlelace (Janyak) knot evolved from a net-making technique on the eastern banks of the Mediterranean to a decorative lace knot. Janyak is made simply with a needle and thread. Because it is made with lightweight and commonly found materials, it is a craft that has survived the forced displacement of many generations of Armenians. Over the last century, the craft has been lovingly preserved within communities of the Armenian-American diaspora through intergenerational instruction, how-to books, exhibitions, and in recent years, video tutorials.

In this workshop, we will create knotted needlelace pattern called “yelag” or strawberry. This technique moves quite slowly and requires patience and practice. A student should expect to leave this course with a small lace medallion as well as many practice samples, as well as a vocabulary and resource guide that will allow for continued practice. This is historically an intergenerational craft and therefore this workshop is open to all ages, as long as the student can thread a needle.

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