Emma Welty "Radical Reconfiguration of the Body"

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Radical Reconfiguration of the Body, 2018

Hand-woven tapestry in a neutral color palette of light cream, tan, and a subdued madder pink. 

This piece highlights a cropped piece of text that reads "the promise of a radical reconfiguration of the body through the way it narrates the body's origins". The weaving is an 18-inch square with an additional 8 inches of cotton fringe on the bottom. There are six rows of text, woven with the Ghiordes knot. In both places where the word "body" is woven, they are joined together by the same knotted threads, creating a sweeping drape of yarn. 

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Artist: Emma Welty

Size: 24" x 16"

Age: Contemporary, 2018

Country of Origin: Woodbury, CT

Medium: Handwoven Tapestry 

Material: Wool, Madder Root, Wool Yarn, Cotton Yarn 

Condition: Excellent