Jessica Elena Aquino

Jessica Elena Aquino "En el tiempo de las mariquitas"

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En el tiempo de las mariquitas, 2021 

Handmade tapestry hanging upon a rod with a subtle palette of blush, blue, and many shades of green, ivory, and burgundy. Visually, the piece is split into three vertical sections, all connected by the use of soumak weaving. Ladybug pins can be found scattered throughout the piece as well as two central head-like figures. 

Via the artist:

"This piece contains two figures, their heads in the middle standing in a field of wild grass as they share the flutter of ladybugs. In Spanish, the word mariquita has a double meaning: ladybug, or can be used as an offensive term for queer individuals, especially men. This is an imagined portrait of my sister and I claiming this word. We both came out about our sexuality to each other at different points in our lives. It's an intimate portrait of not only exchanging ladybugs, but the little secrets we felt we had to hide from our families and each other."

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Artist: Jessica Elena Aquino

Size: 5' x 6'

Age: Contemporary, 2021

Country of Origin: Brooklyn, NY

Medium: Handwoven Tapestry

Material: Woven cotton and synthetic yarn, beads, buttons, ladybug pins, fabric

Condition: Excellent