Jessica Vitucci

Jessica Vitucci "Chango", 2020

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Hand embroidered portrait on linen fabric with a mix of wool, cotton, and silk thread embroidered on top. 

One woman warmly embraces another from behind, her hands on top of one another between the second figures shoulder and heart. The entire portrait is hand embroidered using differing stitching styles. The face combines a satin stitch technique in unexpected color blocks with a more randomized style to create depth and provide distinction between features. A variety of blues, greens, pinks, purples and yellows are used in different gradients to surreal effect. Embroidered fern leafs and blooming flowers as well as actual beads are subtly incorporated into each figures flowing hair heightening the dreamlike vibe.   


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Artist: Jessica Vitucci 

Size: 33" x 39" 

Age: Contemporary, 2020

Country of Origin: Brooklyn, New York

Medium: Hand Embroidery

Material: Cotton, Wool and Silk thread on Linen

Condition: Excellent