Emma Redmond

Emma Redmond "Burning Windows Broken Walls"

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"Burning Windows Broken Walls", 2018

Handwoven tapestry with brightly colored graphics atop a black ground.

This vertical tapestry is visually split into two sections by a grey fence-like structure. In the top section, you will find two hands ripping an image of a landscape in half while an atomic bomb detonates above. At the bottom, you find a burning window atop various graphics including a globe, a pyramid, and a broken wall of bricks in which the sky is visible through a hole.

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Artist: Emma Redmond

Size: 1'2 x 2'6

Age: Contemporary, 2018

Country of Origin: Brooklyn, New York

Medium: Handmade Tapestry

Material: Cotton Warp, Mixed Fiber Weft Wool, Cotton, Acrylic 

Condition: Excellent