Emma Redmond

Emma Redmond "Burning Windows Broken Walls"

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"Burning Windows Broken Walls", 2018

Handwoven tapestry with brightly colored graphics atop a black ground.

This vertical tapestry is visually split into two sections by a grey fence like structure. In the top section you will find two hands ripping an image of landscape in half while an atomic bomb detonates above. At the bottom you find a burning window atop various graphics including a globe, pyramid and a broken wall of bricks in which the sky is visible through a hole.


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Artist: Emma Redmond

Size: 1'2 x 2'6

Age: Contemporary, 2018

Country of Origin: Brooklyn, New York

Medium: Handmade Tapestry

Material: Cotton Warp, Mixed Fiber Weft Wool, Cotton, Acrylic 

Condition: Excellent