Emma Welty

Emma Welty "You Are Not My Friend"

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You Are Not My Friend, 2019

Hand-woven tapestry in a subtle color palette of ivory and dark brown. 

This piece has a minimal but strong presence, allowing the phrase "You are not my friend" to be the focal point. Written in cursive, aligned to the left of the weaving, the phrase sits atop a neutral ivory ground. A cotton yarn fringe extends from the bottom of the weaving. 

“You are not my friend” comes from an expression used by a family member, used often in jest or sarcasm. The innate darkness and somewhat menacing quality of the expression are rendered in my own cursive handwriting to reframe the words with softness and familiarity." - Emma Welty

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Artist: Emma Welty 

Size: 44" x 32"

Age: Contemporary, 2019

Country of Origin: Woodbury, CT

Medium: Handwoven Tapestry 

Material: Wool, Wool Yarn, Cotton Yarn 

Condition: Excellent