Antique  French Aubusson tapestry depicting a bucolic scene of a

Antique French Aubusson Tapestry - 3'11 x 5'2

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Tapestry handwoven in Aubusson, France at the turn of the 20th century. 

This tapestry depicts a bucolic scene of a "coquette" and two potential suitors. At the center of the scene, a woman lifts her skirts to reveal an ankle towards a man propped up against a tree, playing a lute. A second man passes by and both him and the woman take notice of another. A house is visible in the background, as is a body of water. A very dainty meander of ribbon and flowers frames the scene as the border. 

This tapestry is very finely woven, and the weaver's skill is particularly noticeable in the shading of the colors.

In good condition, signs of wear are concentrated in the top half of the tapestry, where there is some wear and tear. Tapestry is sewn onto a backing for longevity and strength. Flatwoven, with a soft handle. 


Size: 3'11" x 5'2" [119cm x 158cm]

Age: late 19th/early 20th century

Country of Origin: France

Type of Rug: Aubusson

Material: Wool

Pile Height: Flatwoven (Tapestry)

Condition: Good




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