Blockprint Guna Mola Cloth - 1' x 1'5

Blockprint Guna Mola Cloth - 1' x 1'5

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Vintage Mola cloth handmade by the Guna (previously spelled Kuna) people of Panama.

Mola is a reverse appliqué technique, similar to the technique used in quilting, but using multiple layers of different-colored cloth that are first sewn together before a design is created by cutting away different layers. This Mola features vibrant tones of burgundy, orange atop soft green with pinks, yellow and white. The pattern is very graphic and features interlocking latch-hooked motifs in a maze like formation. The first layer used was a printed cloth with paisley and flowers which provides the base of subsequent layers and adds a dizzying quality to the latch hooked figures. 

The fabric is in excellent condition.  


Size: 1' x 1'5" [31cm x 43cm]

Age: Vintage

Country of Origin: Panama

Type of Textile: Guna Mola Appliqué 

Material: Cotton

Condition: Excellent




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