Isa Rodrigues

Isa Rodrigues "Piscina Study"

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Piscina Study, 2019

Handmade warp-painted tapestry with a beautiful palette of ivory and multiple shades of blue ranging from light slate blue to a deeper dark blue. This piece is displayed vertically, with the hand-painted warp extending at the bottom as fringe.  An effect has been created through the weave that looks like an organic checkered pattern with the ivory sections as the negative space.

An earlier iteration and experimentation of what would later develop into Isa's 2021 work "Piscina". The use of tension gives life to an organic checkered pattern being pushed and pulled in different directions. The vertical orientation and upward movement imbue the piece with a lot of energy.

Via the artist:

"This piece is part of a series of sketches for Piscina, where I was experimenting with different warp painting techniques and materials. I really liked the surface created through weaving with monofilament, and the tension and ondulation that was created in the piece."

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Artist: Isa Rodrigues

Size: 24" x 13"

Age: Contemporary, 2019

Country of Origin: Brooklyn, NY

Medium: Warp Painted, Tapestry Woven

Material: Cotton, Linen, Monofilament, Acrylic Paint

Condition: Excellent