Andrew Boos

Andrew Boos "Blue, Brown and Pink Rug" - 4'10 x 7'9

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Handmade wool flatwoven rug with blue, brown, gray, and pink on a white ground.

Andrew takes inspiration from brutalism, Scandinavian minimalism, and Mexican traditions and sees his rugs utilized as a dynamic architectural element. This particular piece features various triangles, squares, semicircles, and stacked cylinders. The pink and red tones were achieved by dyeing the wool with cochineal an insect-derived pigment used in the Americas for over 2,000 years. Cochineal is a signature dye used to create various tones in much of Andrew's work. The blue is from indigo, the gray from iron, and the brown is a proprietary blend of many inputs most prominently weld and tannins. Handmade and naturally dyed in 2021 in Brooklyn, NY. 


Artist: Andrew Boos

Size: 4'10" x 7'9" 

Age: Contemporary, 2021

Country of Origin: Brooklyn, New York

Type of Rug: Kilim

Material: Naturally Dyed Wool on a Cotton Foundation

Pile Height: Flatwoven

Condition: Excellent


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