Handcarved Indonesian Figures

Antique Indonesian 'Kadu Uma'

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These 'kudu uma' figures were hand-carved in West Sumba, Indonesia during the early 20th century.

Kadu Uma are wood carvings that are traditionally placed on the roof ridge of homes in West Sumba. They both honor ancestors and are thought to protect the inhabitants of the household. These carvings come in a hard-to-find pair. The larger figure features a lizard on the front and a scorpion on the back. The lizard or habak symbolizes to always be prepared for sudden and unexpected changes in life and the scorpion a protection symbol. The smaller figure features a carved Mamuli symbol on the front and a turtle on the back. Mamuli are metal ornaments worn by the Sumabanese that are powerful relics thought to have the ability to communicate with the ancestors and are often used as grave goods accompanying the soul to the land of the dead. The turtle is a symbol of longevity and good fortune.

In very good condition, considering its usage. Intact with wear and fading from use.

Size: 3-5" x 27-28" [~8cm x ~69cm]

Age: Early 20th Century

Country of Origin: West Sumba, Indonesia

Type of Object: Carving

Material: Wood

Condition: Good


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