Emma Redmond

Emma Redmond "I'll Show You Crazy"

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"I'll Show You Crazy", 2020

Handmade quilt utilizing vintage and found fabrics. 

On the front are five cross symbols, one in each corner with a larger cross in the center atop a stark black background. Each cross is made up of an array of pastel fabrics quilted together. Various sizes of holes can be found throughout the quilt in no clear pattern or arrangement. On the back, the quilt utilizes the same fabrics, but in completely different proportions. In the center, there is a black square with checkered rectangles which is surrounded by larger areas of the pastel fabrics in varying sizes of rectangles and squares. A neon green trim encompasses the entire perimeter, providing a strong contrast to the dark field.

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Artist: Emma Redmond

Size: 4'5" x 4'5"

Age: Contemporary, 2020

Country of Origin: Brooklyn, New York

Medium: Handmade Quilt

Material: Mix of Vintage, Hand Dyed Cotton and Cotton Blends on 100% Cotton Batting, Hand Quilted with Cotton Thread 

Condition: Excellent