Antique Persian Kurdish Sauj Balug rug featuring staggered rows of

Antique 19th Century Sauj Bulagh Rug - 4'1 x 5'7

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This Sauj Bulagh was woven by Kurds during the mid-19th century.

It features staggered rows of "flaming" palmettes that are classic for type. The palmettes alternate in groups of two and three with their serrated edges fitting snuggly together. The rows of three fill the frame whereas the rows of two are filled with various random protection symbols.

A wonderful array of blues and greens are well complemented by red, yellow and white. The navy ground transitions to brown near the bottom quadrant. Framed by interesting and varied borders of running water, "S" filled cartouches and tulips going from inner to outer.

Of particular note are three red figures near the bottom of the rug which each features an orange appendage between their legs. 

In very good condition for its age. With a dense meaty pile and wear along the edges. There are some old folk repairs and the rug has been reduced in size.


Size: 4'1" x 5'7" [124cm x 170cm]

Age: Mid-19th Century

Type of Rug: Sauj Balugh

Material: Wool

Pile Height: Medium

Condition: Very Good, Visible repair and folk repairs, wear along edges, has been reduced in size




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