Suzani fragment from 1981 woven in Uzbekistan featuring densely chainstitches rosettes in reds, blues, and yellows.

"1981" Kazakh Tus Kiiz Yurt Embroidery - 3'3 x 5'5

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This Tus Kiiz Yurt Embroidery was embroidered in western Mongolia by ethnic Kazakhs and features the embroidered date of '1981' in the bottom right corner.

Features a pattern of densely chain stitched rosettes in reds, blues, and yellows. The right side of the embroidery is purposefully unfinished. 

In good condition, wear consistent with age. 


Size: 3'3" x 5'5" [99cm x 165cm]

Age: 1981

Country of Origin: Mongolia

Type of Textile: Suzani

Pile Height: Flat Woven

Condition: Good




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