Vintage Uzbeki Handembroidered Suzani Welcome Banner

Uzbeki Suzani Welcome Banner - 2'2 x 14'

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This Suzani was embroidered in Uzbekistan during the 3rd quarter of the 20th century.

It features a row of large rosettes which are constructed of smaller rosettes in blue, yellow, white and navy on a bright red field. A black stitched border and blue fringe can be found surrounding it's entire perimeter. 

It has been crafted in an uncommon banner length format. The words "welcome honored guests" have been embroidered in Cyrillic characters but in the Uzbek language leading us to believe this was created for a special occasion, maybe a wedding or to commemorate a visit to the village by officials or other guests.

Inadequate condition, it has a hole in the bottom right corner (pictured), other wear is consistent with age.

Size: 2'2" x 14' [0.7m x 4.3m]

Age: Q3 20th Century (1950-1975)

Country of Origin: Uzbekistan

Type of Textile: Suzani

Condition: Good; Small hole and some wear




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