Antique Bengali hand embroidered Nakshi Kantha textile featuring men with sport and elephant atop a hand quilted off-white cotton field with a black diamond border

Antique Nakshi Kantha - 1' x 1'3

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This Nakshi Kantha was crafted in Bengal during the early 20th century.

Kantha is a Bengali folk tradition of embroidering textiles using recycled cloth. This Kantha features a circus scene, which has been in many kanthas during the turn of the 20th century. In the late 19th century, international circus companies came to perform in Bengal and captured the public imagination. This scene depicts two small elephants and their trainers putting on a performance for members of the crowd who are holding balloons. It is embroidered in yellow, red, and with some green used for the grass. The border is rendered with the "chok par" or eye motif as protection from the evil eye. It has been cut directly from an old sari and attached.

Very Good, The border has been taken directly from an old sari and attached around the perimeter


Size: 1' x 1'3" [30cm x 38cm]

Age: Q1

Country of Origin: East Bengal

Type of Textile: Nakshi Kantha

Material: Cotton

Condition: Good, with some fine repairs




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