Antique Bengali hand embroidered Nakshi Kantha hand quilted textile with a tree of life motif and elephants and birds

Antique Nakshi Kantha - 1'9 x 2'2

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This Nakshi Kantha was crafted in Bengal during the early 20th century.

Kantha is a Bengali folk tradition of embroidering textiles using recycled cloth. This Kantha depicts the tree of life. The tree is surrounded by a variety of symbols such as elephants, birds and fish which likely represent different hopes and dreams for life's journey. A man riding an elephant may mean controlling of ones base desire. Where fish are, in many Bengali traditions from birth to death, are considered very auspicious. It is embroidered in yellow, red, black and turquoise. The border is an alternating black and red scroll which may represent rice or wheat. 

In very good condition with some staining (as pictured).


Size: 1'9" x 2'2" [53cm x 66cm]

Age: Q1 20th Century

Country of Origin: Bengal

Type of Textile: Nakshi Kantha

Material: Cotton

Condition: Very good, with some staining (as pictured)




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