Chinese Pao Tao Rug featuring a Phoenix bird or pheasant surrounded by chrysanthemums, lily pads and a beautiful tree

Antique Fenghuang Pao Tao - 2'4 x 4'3

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Pao Tao rug, handwoven near Beijing, China during the first quarter of the 20th century. 

This Pao Tao rug features a majestic Fenghuang sitting on a rock in front of a pond filled with lotus flowers. Behind the mythical bird is a tree and chrysanthemums in full blossom. The rug is plush and borderless featuring cool blues, faded orange, pink, brown and ivory.

The fenghuang is a very auspicious symbol representing high virtue and grace. It often appears only in good times and to symbolize good things to come or the beginning of a new era.

In excellent condition. Pile is medium height, soft and plush, with a dense and heavy handle. 

Size: 2'4" x 4'3"

Age: 1900-1925

Country of Origin: China

Type of Rug: Pao Tao 

Material: Wool Pile on a cotton foundation

Pile Height: Medium

Condition: Excellent




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