Antique Shahsavan Soumak Bag - 1’11 x 1’8

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This Soumak bag was handwoven by the Shahsavan during the late 19th century.

It features a central leshgi star surrounded by an inner ivory border of serpentine sawtooth "S"s and an outer border of octagons filled with eight-pointed stars. This bag was used by nomads to carry goods. The backing is a pattern of thick alternating red and purple stripes.  A great wall or learning piece!

In very good condition, fragment sides are unfinished.

Size: 1'11" x 1'8" [58cm x 51cm]

Age: Late 19th Century 

Type: Shahsavan Soumak Bagface

Material: Wool 

Pile Height: Low 

Condition: Very good 




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