Beaded  Ndebele Wedding Apron featuring corn stalks and a little home, mounted on black linen

Beaded Ndebele Ceremonial Apron

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This Mapoto or ceremonial apron was crafted by the Ndebele people of South Africa during the middle of the 20th century. 

Mapotos are aprons hand beaded by women on canvas or goat leather for their own use during important events or rituals. The Ndebele people are famous for their beadwork and beautifully painted homes. The striking white, blue, green, red, orange yellow beadwork captures the eye. It is of a similar aesthetic and colors palette used in the traditional house painting and even includes a painted home in the center flanked by two maize or corn stalks. The work was undertaken on canvas with leather tassels on the bottom which have been beaded in a lovely turquoise. 



Size of Piece: 22.5" x 18" [57cm x 46cm]

Size of Case: 26" x 21.5" x 2.5" [66cm x 55cm x 6cm]

Age: MId 20th Century

Country of Origin: South Africa

Type of Textile:  Mapoto (Ceremonial Apron)

Material: Canvas, Glass Beads, Leather

Condition: Very Good