Khamseh rug from S Iran featuring a concentric diamond design with geometric shapes and symbols throughout. The color palette is composed of indigo blues and varying shades of beige.

Antique Khamseh Rug - 7'3 x 10'3

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Khamseh rug handwoven during the first quarter of the 20th century. 

Features a concentric diamond design in varying shades of indigo blue and tonalities of white. Various geometric shapes and symbols, signifying birds, trees, and other protection symbols fill in the space of the field. The main border is composed of geometric shapes and figures - notice the abstracted bird shape resembling a peacock. The minor borders are both made up of the same floral meander. 

In good condition, with some wear throughout. Pile is low, with a soft handle.  

Also pictured is the back of the rug, which is brighter than the front and features brighter peaches and greens.


Size: 7'3" x 10'3"

Age: 1900-1925

Type of Rug: Khamseh

Material: 100% Wool

Pile Height: Low

Condition: Good