Large Antique Kazak Rug - 6'11 x 7'10

Large Antique Kazak Rug - 6'11 x 7'10

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This Kazak rug was handwoven in the southern Caucasus during the late 19th Century.

A striking design featuring three medallions, on a red ground with a variety of neatly organized protection symbols. A central hooked octagon with a stunning blue-green and red on a bright white ground is flanked by two nearly identical diamond-filled polygons on a navy ground. The main border is composed of large rosettes composed of confronting arrows in the same tones of the striking central medallion scarabs in red, blue, and yellow. A well-balanced caucasian weaving in a hard-to-find large format.

In very good condition. All sides have been reinforced for longevity. The tones in some older done repairs have faded at different rates than the original rug (as pictured). The pile is low with a soft handle.

Size: 6'11" x 7'10" [211cm x 239cm]

Age: Late 19th Century

Country of Origin: Caucasus 

Type of Rug: Kazak

Material: Wool

Pile Height: Low

Condition: Very Good; Old properly done repairs




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