Caroline Kaufman

Caroline Kaufman "What You Think Vs. What You Feel No. Thirty Three"

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"What You Think Vs. What You Feel No. Thirty-Three", 2020

Handtufted rug made of differing heights of looped pile within an irregular shape. 

This piece is split into two major forms. There is a series of stripes, some interrupted, in brown, poppy red, and teal protruding from a cream-colored solid shape on the left. The solid cream shape has a higher pile height than the rest of the piece, proving a nice depth to the overall texture. 

All edges have been hand bound as well as the back is secured with latex and a backing fabric. Caroline's works are for use on the wall, not to be used as a floor covering. Hooks can be found on the back for easy hanging.  

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Artist: Caroline Kaufman 

Size: 22" x 35"

Age: Contemporary, 2020

Country of Origin: Brooklyn, New York

Medium: Tufted Rug 

Material: Upcycled wool, cotton, and miscellaneous fiber 

Condition: Excellent