Caroline Kaufman "What You Think Vs. What You Feel No. Thirty Two"

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"What You Think Vs. What You Feel No. Thirty Two", 2020

Handtufted rug with a mix of loop and cut pile within an irregular shape. 

This piece is split into two major forms. There is a peach and white striped form on the left protruding from a brick-colored solid shape on the right. The heights of the stripes differ in that the white is a lower looped pile, while the peach stripe is a higher cut pile adding a beautiful texture to the piece. 

The back has been secured with latex and a backing fabric. The price for this piece is less than her other work due to the edges being kept raw. Caroline's works are for use on the wall, not to be used as a floor covering. Hooks can be found on the back for easy hanging.   

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Artist: Caroline Kaufman

Size: 20" x 45"

Age: Contemporary, 2020

Country of Origin: Brooklyn, New York

Medium: Tufted Rug 

Material: Upcycled wool, mohair, and miscellaneous fiber 

Condition: Excellent