Caucasian Shirvan Rug - 3' x 4'10

Caucasian Shirvan Rug - 3' x 4'10

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This Shirvan rug was woven in Azerbaijan during the early 20th century.

It features a wonky rendering of three off-kilter medallions on a ground chock full of various unbalanced protection symbols. The whole is framed by a border of hooked lozenges that dramatically shift in scale and play with perception. In a limited but pleasing palette of chocolate brown, ivory, mauve, golden wheat, french blue, and light touches of an early synthetic pink near the bottom border.

In good condition, with various repairs over its long life with some loose threads in the upper left corner.


Size: 3' x 4'10" [91cm x 147cm]

Age: Q1 20th Century (1900-1925)

Country of Origin: East Caucasus

Type of Rug: Shirvan

Material: Wool

Pile Height: Low

Condition: Good; Some repairs, loose threads on the upper left corner




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