Contemporary Blue South Persian Lori Gabbeh Rug with Minimal design

21st Century Gabbeh Rug - 3'6 x 5'1

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This Gabbeh rug was handwoven during the 21st century.

It features a beautiful open blue field with subtle natural variations that organically change the tone throughout the rug. A very simple motif of an abstracted animal and plant can be found on a small scale in the center and on the top left and bottom right corner of the rug. The pile is densely woven, making this a plush rug.

The rug is in excellent unused condition, with no signs of wear.


Size: 3'6" x 5'1" [1.1m x 1.5m]

Age: Contemporary

Type of Rug: Gabbeh

Material: Wool 

Pile Height: Medium

Condition: Excellent




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