Contemporary Modern South Persian Lori Gabbeh Area Rug

21st Century Gabbeh Rug - 4'11 x 6'4

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\This handwoven Gabbeh was woven during the 21st century.

It features a very Rothko-esque design with large blocks of yellow and blue broken up by electric lines of undyed gray near the center and surrounded by a thin undyed gray border. The big blocks of color and the natural variations in the dye and wool give it a visually striking, powerful appearance.

The condition is excellent, with no signs of wear.


Size: 4'11" x 6'4" [150cm x 193cm]

Age: Contemporary

Type of Rug: Gabbeh

Material: Wool pile on Wool Foundation

Pile Height: Medium

Condition: Excellent




*This rug and many of the rugs in our 21st Century Gabbeh collection are not kept on site at our Williamsburg showroom. If you would like to visit the rug in person just let us know and we can bring it to the showroom for viewing (usually within 24 hours)

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