Antique uzbek Lakai Cross Stitch

Antique Lakai Cross-Stitch Sash - 3" x 25"

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The small belt was cross-stitched by the Lakai people of Uzbekistan during the late 19th century.

It features horizontal rams head patterns in various contrasting tones including black, white, purple, green, yellow, and turquoise. The perimeter of each panel utilizes triangles on the vertical and interlocking "s" shapes on the horizontal. It is mounted on leather and features a metal clasp. These belts were often used to close a robe.

In very good condition for its age. It is likely a fragment from a longer piece or may have been used by youth.


Size: 3" x 25" [7.6 cm x 64 cm]

Age: Late 19th century

Country of Origin: Uzbekistan

Type of Textile: Textile Fragment

Material: Silk on a leather backing

Condition: Very Good, likely a fragment




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