Emma Welty "Poison: Honey"

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Poison: Honey, 2018

Hand-woven tapestry in a monochromatic palette of varying shades of ivory. 

This piece makes a very subtle statement, using only multiple shades of ivory. Centered along the length of the weaving reads "From the same flower the serpent draws its poison, and the bee it's honey". While the majority of the text is displayed in a higher pile, the word "poison" is almost blurred out and the word "honey" is almost illegible with a long fringe protruding from each letter. 

“poison/honey” comes from a book of translated Armenian proverbs by G. Bayan. The proverb, “From the same flower the serpent draws its poison and the bee its honey” has tension in its duality. The two conflicting truths are accentuated by the absence of material in the word “poison” and the abundance of material woven into the word “honey.” - Emma Welty

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Artist: Emma Welty

Size: 39" x 20.5"

Age: Contemporary, 2018

Country of Origin: Woodbury, CT

Medium: Handwoven Tapestry 

Material: Wool, Cotton 

Condition: Excellent