Antique Mongolian Rug - 2'4 x 4'3

Antique Mongolian Rug - 2'4 x 4'3

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The pictorial rug as handwoven in Mongolia during the early 20th century. It features a mirrored design of a stag under a tree with a crane flying above. The stag represents well-being, while the crane symbolizes a long life. The color palette is minimal with black, gradations of grey, and a faded purple. There are small dots of orangish/red on the cranes' heads. The black main border is black with white and gray roundels in the corners and the sides. The rug is in overall good condition, with some wear in the center (pictured). The edges have been re-woven with a new foundation, and the pile is dense and full. 

Size: 2'4" x 4'3"

Age: Early 20th century

Country of Origin: Mongolia

Type of Rug: Mongolian

Material: Wool pile, cotton warp

Pile Height: Medium

Condition: Good