Mid century Navajo Flatwoven rug rug, southwest, in red, taupe, orange, grey/gray

Vintage Navajo Rug - 1'6 x 2'10

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This Navajo rug was woven in Southwest United States. It features a sunburst pattern in ivory, orange, grey and taupe on a red field. There are three stripes on the top and bottom of the rug, in ivory, taupe and orange. The original knotted ends are still intact.

In excellent condition, signs of wear consistent with age. Flatwoven, with a sturdy handle. 


Size: 1'6" x 2'10

Age: Mid Century

Country of Origin: SW USA

Type of Rug: Navajo

Material: Wool weft on cotton warp

Pile Height: Flatwoven

Condition: Excellent





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