Crocheted Bread Bags Oval Rug - 1'10 x 2'5

Crocheted Bread Bags Oval Rug - 1'10 x 2'5

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This bread bag was handmade in the United State during the third quarter of the 20th century

This small rug has been meticulously crocheted with saved plastic bread bags. These pieces harken back a period where reuse was more commonplace. The bags would be cleaned after use and saved over time. When enough were complied they were cut into a spiral strip 1/2" - 1" wide from the open end of the bag to the end and these strips would be crocheted together to create the finished product. The oval shape and the combination of clear plastic and pieced together to dazzling effect. 

In very good condition, with minimal to no wear and lays flat. 

Size: 1'10" x 2'5" [56cm x 74cm]

Age: Q3 20th Century (1950-1975)

Country of Origin: USA

Type of Rug: Crocheted

Material: Recycled Bread Bags

Pile Height: Low

Condition: Very Good




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