Emma Welty - Janyak Strawberry

Emma Welty - Janyak Strawberry

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The Armenian needlelace (Janyak) knot evolved from a net-making technique on the eastern banks of the Mediterranean to a decorative lace knot. Janyak is made simply with a needle and thread. Because it is made with lightweight and commonly found materials, it is a craft that has survived the forced displacement of many generations of Armenians. Over the last century, the craft has been lovingly preserved within communities of the Armenian-American diaspora through intergenerational instruction, how-to books, exhibitions, and in recent years, video tutorials.

Emma has created an strawberry design in lace on wool felt background.

Artist: Emma Welty

Size: 2.5" (not including loop)

Age: Contemporary

Place of Origin: Woodbury, Connecticut

Type of Textile: Lace

Material: Cotton thread, wool felt