Virgin del Carmen Guna Mola Cloth - 1'1 x 1'5

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Vintage Mola cloth handmade by the Guna (previously spelled Kuna) people of the San Blas Islands.

Mola is a reverse appliqué technique, similar to the technique used in quilting but using multiple layers of different-colored cloth that are first sewn together before a design is created by cutting away different layers. These cloths are traditionally made in pairs to be worn on the front and back of women's blouses.

This Mola features "NTRA SRA" which is likely shorthand for "Nuestra Senora" followed by Virgen del Carmen en 16 Julio de Julio and was made to commerate the festival of Carmen on July 16th. Carmen is the patron saint of fisherman and an important saint for the people of the San Blas Islands.

The fabric is in very good condition. 

Size: 1'1" x 1'5" [33cm x 43cm]

Age: Vintage 

Country of Origin: Guna People of San Blas islands, Panama

Type of Textile: Guna Mola Appliqué

Material: Mixed Materials

Pile Height: N/A

Condition: Very Good




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