Hooked "1959" Kachina Rug - 1'2 x 3'3

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This hooked rug was crafted in the United States in 1959. 

It features a depiction of a Kachina doll in red, yellow, purply-gray ivory and black on a red ground. Kachinas have a spiritual importance to the Pueblo peoples in the Southwest US and thought to be mediums between the human and spirit world. An interesting subject for a hooked rug as the craft is more often associated with New England where this piece was discovered and most likely created. In the bottom left corner are the initials B.H. and the date '59 (1959). This hooked rug was acquired alongside another similar piece BK2193 which has the same initials but with date '63 (1963)

In very good condition. The top is attached to a piece of wood where it can be mounted to the wall.


Size: 1'2" x 3'3" [36cm x 99cm]

Age: 1959

Country of Origin: NE USA

Type of Rug: Hooked

Material: Mixed Fiber on Burlap

Pile Height: Low

Condition: Very Good



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