Women's ceremonial tapis of the Abung people from Lampung Sumatra, Indonesia. Striped red and black fabric is heavily embroidered with gold thread, in very good condition.

Sumatran Woman's Ceremonial Sarong - 2' x 3'8

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Woman's ceremonial sarong or tapis, made by the Abung people from Lampung, Sumatra, Indonesia.

This type of textile was reserved for ceremonial occasions and festivities, and was a way for the wearer to display her wealth and success. The ground fabric is striped red and black, and embroidered with gold thread. Text is commonly used for decorative and ritual effect. The text on this particular piece is written in Bahasa Indonesia and features well-wishes for the wearer of the tapis

In excellent condition, signs of wear consistent with age. Lightweight cotton embroidered with metallic thread, has a heavy draping handle. 


Size: 2' x 3'8"

Age: 1925-1950

Country of Origin: Lampung, Sumatra, Indonesia

Type of Textile: Ceremonial Tapis 

Material: Cotton with metallic thread embroidery

Pile Height: n/a

Condition: Excellent




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