Isa Rodrigues

Isa Rodrigues "Box"

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Box, 2018

Handmade triple weave tapestry with a neutral tone palette of ivory, olive green, slate blue, light brown and grey. Visually, the piece is split into three vertical sections with the outer two containing three squares while the center column holds six squares. Inside the middle top square, four sections can be found where a brown yarn protrudes at a longer length. A heathered effect is shown, either highlighting the lighter or darker tone of the color, providing a beautiful balance to the piece. 

This work was woven as three layers, simultaneously, connected through the weft in some parts, while some sections are purposefully left unconnected allowing the piece to be showcased and experienced in a variety of unique ways. This invites imaginative interaction and dynamic engagement by the user.

Via the artist:

"Box was created while I was in residency at Penland. It was woven as a flat continuous textile, using triple weave, and can be activated in many ways, including being folded to form a simple box. It was definitely inspired by Kay Sekimachi, and how she uses multiple-layer weaving and minimal sewing to create these amazing boxes. In my work, I like the idea of breaking free from the default flat rectangular shape through weaving techniques, like in the Modular Weaving series, or with shape weaving, triple weaving, etc."

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Artist: Isa Rodrigues

Size: 41" x 24"

Age: Contemporary, 2018

Country of Origin: Brooklyn, NY

Medium: Triple Weave 

Material: Naturally dyed cotton

Condition: Excellent