Isa Rodrigues

Isa Rodrigues "Piscina"

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Piscina, 2021

Handmade warp-painted tapestry with a beautiful palette of ivory and multiple shades of blue ranging from light slate blue to a deeper dark blue. This piece is displayed horizontally, woven in two sections that were pieced together after weaving. The hand-painted warp extends on either end as a beautiful fringe hanging down the sides.

Via the artist:

"I started weaving this piece at the beginning of the quarantine in New York. Like everyone I was feeling all the uncertainty but also feeling really homesick. I always found the refraction of light on the water surface super fascinating and calming- my parent's house in Portugal has a pool and I like to sit with my legs in the water just observing. That image of the pool surface was something that kept coming back to me, so I decided to weave myself a pool. I think there is something really beautiful about this idea of soft portable “pools”. I’m excited to continue exploring this series.

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Artist: Isa Rodrigues

Size: 44" x 30"

Age: Contemporary, 2021

Country of Origin: Brooklyn, NY

Medium: Warp Painted, Tapestry Woven

Material: Cotton, Silk, Linen, Acrylic Paint

Condition: Excellent